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OMR Technologies specilises in Pre-printed OMR Sheets. The design and print accuracy of pre-printed exam answer papers plays a vital role in scanning the completed exams. We are experts in the sheet designing and printing for the past 10 years.

OMR Sheet (Optical Mark Reader) is a pre-printed paper security documents which contains bubbles, timing tracks sensors. Bubbles are filled or circled by the candidates and timing tracks helps us to read the OMR Sheet.

Information needed for OMR Sheet for Exam:
OMR Sheet for Exam contains the personal information of the candidate like Name, Date of Birth, Father's Name, Roll Number, Category, Address, Mobile Number, Email, Date of Exam, Barcode/QR code and answers to be filled by the candidate.

OMR Sheets are used for conducting various types of exams from KG level to professional level exams. These types of exams are also known as multiple choice exams.

    OMR Sheets are used for the following applications:
  • Registration
  • Admissions
  • Olympiad Exams
  • Entrance Exams
  • Competitive Exams(IIT/JEE/NEET)
  • Talent Search Exams
  • Recruitment Exams
  • Scientific Survey
  • Marketing Survey
  • Statics Survey
  • Inventory
  • Feed Back forms
  • Election Forms
  • Attendance Sheet

OMR sheet can be designed as per the requirement. The main factors for designing are

  • Size of the OMR Sheet
  • Information to be inserted in OMR Sheet for Exam/Registration

Exam: Personal information of the candidate like Name, Date of Birth, Father's Name, Roll Number, Category, Address, Mobile Number, Email, and Date of Exam is to be put in the OMR Sheet. Number of Answers with choice options are inserted as per the requirement.
Registration: Personal information of the candidate like Name, Date of Birth, Father's Name, Roll Number, Category, Address, Mobile Number, Email, Date of Exam, Bank Draft, Draft No, Banker's Name, and Amount is to be put in the OMR Sheet.
The size of such type of OMR Sheet varies.

OMR sheet with Answer Booklet: OMR Sheet are also used for scoring purpose and stitched with the Answers Sheet. OMR Sheet for Survey, Feed Back, Election, and Attendance Sheet can be designed. At the bottom of the OMR Sheet Signature space for Invigilator and Candidate left in a block.
Paper for OMR Sheet: We use international standard paper for OMR Sheets.
Timing Tracks and Bubbles Color: The timing tracks always in black color and bubbles may be magenta and orange color.

Methodology of OMR Sheet Designing and Printing:

OMR Machine Methodology: In this methodology first the blank OMR Sheet for designing the template is scanned and OMR Scanning Machine picks up ID Mark, Timing Marks and Thickness of the OMR Sheet, then define the fields name according to OMR Sheet. Data File is created after our template is ready and scan the all OMR Sheet accordingly. The OMR Machine captures the bubbles as per the designed template. Output and Data file is created in .dat file format and stored in the system. Utilizing the above data, we process the results.
There are some advantages and some disadvantages in this methodology as some times scanner do not accept the OMR Sheet because of various reasons.

OMR Software Methodology: The OMR Software Methodology is the latest and modern technology implemented and developed by OMR Technologies. In this process the candidate ticks in the circle and the OMR Sheet Scanning software reads this tick by dropping the background Magenta bubble.

OMR Sheet Result Processing

OMR Technologies has the latest and modern infrastructure equipments and technical staffs. OMR Technologies is the only company which has OMR Sheet Designing and Printing, Scanning and result processing and our own software to scan the OMR Sheets.

    Types Of OMR Sheets:
  • Single OMR Sheet
  • 3 part OMR Sheet with Answer Booklet
  • OMR Sheet with variable Data Print
  • OMR Sheet with both side Printed

OMR Sheet Security with Bar Code: Bar code is one of the ideal security feature used worldwide. This security feature is used to control the duplicity and identify the sheet after scanning. These are few lines in which code is embedded. There are so many types of bar codes and the bar code is selected based on the size and space in OMR Sheet.