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Security Printing Technologies is a fast growing and most important technology in the print industry. We are ISO 9001:2015 certified company offering cost effective solution for brand protection and brand promotion. Security printing is always developing to overcome the new technologies that make it easy for anyone to copy, alter or reproduce a document or a print.

We OMR Technologies offer our clients Security Printing Solutions for Education Sector. We provide a wide range of attractive designs and colors with lot of security features. With an expertise team of designers and advance technology, we have been able to supply Degree certificates, Mark Sheets and various other certificates to leading Colleges, Schools,Institutions and Universities. We offer both paper as well as non- tearable security certificates.
OMR Technologies provide a wide range of security features that can be customised to suit your product. Our range includes holograms and foils, inks, papers, numbering and personalisation. Our solutions helps prevent forgery, counterfeiting and tampering on a range of important documents, giving our customers peace of mind.

    The security elements used can be divided into two main types:
  • Overt elements, which can be seen and detected by the human eye, under the normal lighting conditions, without the need to any devices.
  • Covert elements, which are hidden in the printed document, and can only be seen and detected using a special lighting, optical or reading device or instrument.

Security levels in printing

    They can also be classified into three levels of security.
  • Level one elements, which can be detected by a normal human being, using the naked eye without the need to use any aiding devices, like the watermark and the security thread.
  • Level two elements, which can only be detected and seen using a special aiding device or lighting source, like the UV printing seen only under special UV lighting sources, or the micro-text printing readable only under special magnifiers and microscopes.
  • Level three elements, which can only be detected in forensic labs, like the IR printing, X-ray fluorescence, biometrics, DNA taggants and micro taggants in printing inks.

Elements of Security Printing

We at OMR Technologies are using the following Elements for Security printing
WATER MARK: Watermarks in paper was first introduced in Fabriano, Italy, in 1282. These were produced by impressing a water-coated metal stamp or “Dandy Roll” into the paper pulp during the manufacturing process and done by hand on a sheet by sheet basis.
As materials technology has developed, likewise the ability copy and fraudulently alter documents has unfortunately gained momentum as well. It has therefore been essential for security printers to keep (at least) one step ahead of both the opportunist and professional counterfeiter. Dandy Water Mark is the highest form of Security Feature, universally being, incorporated in all documents of importance. This Water Mark can not be copied or scanned by anybody and hence, this is treated as the best form of Security Feature. Watermarks or invisible fibres in paper, or features that demonstrate tamper evidence when fraud is attempted, for example to remove or alter print such as amounts or signatures on a Bank cheque.

U-VERIFY: Text, Picture, Image printed will not be visible in the naked eye and cannot be copied by using computerized scanners or colour copiers. Such Image/matter or picture printed can be seen only under certain range of ultra violet rays.

ASTRAL: We will give invisible printing of your University’s or Board’s name and this can be seen only with the help of an eye-glass, and will not be visible in naked eye. The place where it is printed will be kept confidential.

HIGH RESOLUTION BORDER: We will make unique decorative border in the Certificate through mathematical calculations with our special computer which cannot be easily copied by others.

NUMBER AARPAR: Continuous Serial Number printed in Document can be seen through from back side, and hence, it would be difficult for anybody to alter or change, because of special printing method. We have two special type Fonts viz. Gothic and Alpha Numerical.

FUSION SCREEN: The matter printed, with special effect printing, can be seen only with the help of a special type FILM and the printed matter cannot be seen otherwise due to masking.

ANTY VOID COPY: By this method, if copy of the Document is made through a Xerox Machine, the word “COPY” or “DUPLICATE” or “VOID” will appear, though in the Original Document such words printed will not be visible.

THERMOCHROMIC PRINT: The matter or logo printed will be visible to the naked eye, but it will DISAPPEAR if exposed to certain temperature or rubbing by hand, by hot air, keeping the print in hot sun etc. THE DISAPPEARED IMAGE/LOGO/ LETTER will REAPPEAR in its original form, once the print comes back to normal room temperature.

PRISMATIC PRINTING: The Security Document can be printed in multi-shaded colours as in RAINBOW and the finishing will be elegant. It is difficult to be copied by others, as the colour combination is too intricate.

BLIND EMBOSSING: Your logo can Embossed ON-LINE BASIS, through a special method while the Security Document is printed.

HOLOGRAM: These labels are designated by making use of premium grade materials and sophisticated printing techniques ensuring appealing appearance and offering complete security to the brand.

GOLDFOIL AND SILVER FOIL LOGO: Our specialist printing process brings out key elements of gold foil or silver foils – creating a unique and impactful logo that’s guaranteed to make a strong impression.